Social Media MANAGEMENT | email newsletter blasts

Social Media Management

No time to stay consistent with your business instagram account? Requiring more high quality Facebook posts? Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, I can create specific promo ads catered to each platform. Posts for your Instagram or Facebook accounts including high quality ad like stories have never looked so good. Youtube videos in 4k UHD? I can shoot up to 4k 60fps & 6k 24fps for those movie like promo videos. 

Email Newsletter Blasts

Is your business in need of some more professional like emails? Wanting something more than those basic flyer type style emails? I have been creating more interactive newsletter style emails that are linkable to videos, webpages, or your social accounts. It gives your customers a little more out of a subscription style email with knowledgeable linked videos or posts to keep them engaged each week or month with your business. Capable of emailing up to 100,000 contacts over 1 million emails per month.